Hi and thank you for visiting Jane Haslam Sports Photography - Formerly known as TaconicSportsShotsSports photography for putnam dutchess and westchester in new york

We are located in Pawling, New York and provide a range of high quality sports photography services to organisations throughout the Harlem and Hudson Valley's.  Typically our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Team and indidivudal picture days to schools, travel and recreational programmes

  • Sportraits and Composites

  • Commissions

  • Tournaments and action photography

TaconicSportsShots is a division of Jane Haslam Photography LLC and came about because Jane wanted to create a distinct identity for her work in and around local sports. Previous to TaconicSportsshots she had covered sports as Jane Haslam Sports Photography but as this side of her business grew she felt it was more appropriate to rebrand with a strong name and a seperate identity. 

Jane is a knowledgable and experienced photographer with a passion for sports, relishing the opportunity to provide meaningful, high quality sports images to local teams and their athletes. 

Sports photography in dutchess, putnam and westchester in new york